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Updated: Apr 1, 2021


HWH Enterprises LLC had the vision of redeveloping the corner of Ridge Road and Pershing Blvd. They knew that their property was underutilized and largely vacant land, HWH wanted to create a commercial development they could be proud of and bring commercial growth and activity to that area of Cheyenne. The property was approximately 12 acres with mostly older structures that were becoming eye sores and maintenance problems. The one exception was the Taco Johns Restaurant that sat on the prime corner. When Taco Johns approached HWH about the possibility of rebuilding a store on that site but needed more land for a drive thru set up and adequate parking the ownership knew it was time to kick start the re-development project but needed help get started.


HWH Enterprises decided to reach out to Brad Graham, Rob Graham and Ben Trautwein of the Graham Group for help. Their role was to be a development consultant during planning, coordinate and oversee the construction process and sell the newly created commercial lots once the work was completed.


The Graham Group was able to lead the project through the city approval process, demolition of existing buildings, design and site construction. The work kicked off in 2016 and commercial lots became available for sale in Spring of 2017. By the end of 2020 all of the commercial lots had been purchased and the project reached completion. The new business’s and owners to the park included a newly constructed Taco Johns, Churches Chicken, Breeze Thru Car Wash and soon to be the new home of Healthworks and apartment project.

"The Graham Group was instrumental in helping HWH Enterprises redevelop the area now known as Holmes Corner. It was important to the ownership group that this development be done the right way and we knew Brad, Rob and Ben were the right team to entrust this project with. They worked hard to make sure the project was a success, always kept the line of communication open and made the development and selling process as easy as possible for us. We are truly grateful of their work and look forward to future project with this team."
-Clayton Hartman, Managing Member HWH Enterprises LLC


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