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Bringing a Great Wyoming Company to Downtown Cheyenne and the West Edge

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Black Tooth Brewing Company, Wyoming’s largest and most highly rewarded brewery was looking to expand operations from their Sheridan, Wyoming headquarters to Wyoming’s capitol city. Black Tooth had 3 strategic goals/needs:

  1. Find a GREAT location. Ideally this location would be in downtown Cheyenne in order to meet Black Tooth’s goals of establishing a successful place of business and improving the Cheyenne community.

  2. Ability to Purchase. Find a building that fit Black Tooth’s rugged urban style and could potentially match their award winning Sheridan location. Also, they didn’t want to lease a building so needed a For Sale property that could meet their high standards.

  3. Large Building with parking. A large building was needed in order to provide room for beer enthusiasts to sample Black Tooth’s award winning beer, but also have room for their 10 barrel brewing system so Black Tooth could brew beer locally.


Black Tooth looked at a few “For Sale by Owner” properties on their own before reaching out to Ben Trautwein of The Graham Group to help them locate and purchase a downtown property. The Graham Group had the Pioneer Printing building at 504 W 19th Street listed for sale. Initially, the entire 24,000 sf property was for sale and Black Tooth liked the property and location, but 24,000 square feet of building was more square footage than Black Tooth needed.


Ben Trautwein and Rob Graham worked with the Pioneer Printing owner and Black Tooth brewing to structure a “win-win” deal in which the Pioneer Printing building was divided into three smaller ~8,000 square foot units and Black Tooth purchase the west 8,000 square foot unit.

After the purchase and remodel, the western most unit is now the official home of Black Tooth in Cheyenne with an ideal location in the heart of Cheyenne’s up and coming West Edge district. The time and money spent by Black Tooth on the building has provided remarkable results with just the right size, style and feel for Black Tooth.

"We worked with Ben Trautwein of the Graham Group, to help us find the ideal location in Cheyenne and we couldn’t be happier after finding space in the old Pioneer Printing building. Ben’s real estate and development expertise was instrumental in allowing us to execute a strategy to divide the Pioneer Printing building into a smaller useable property. This process has ultimately allowed us to provide the best tap room in Cheyenne and to bring Black Tooth’s rugged independent style to Cheyenne’s West Edge. I would highly recommend Ben Trautwein and Rob Graham of the Graham Group to anyone looking to buy or lease commercial real estate in Cheyenne. " - Tim Barnes - Owner | Black Tooth Brewery


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